Miss Africa Netherlands with its acronym M.A.N, is a non-profit, apolitical, non-sectoral community driven initiative, aimed at empowering Africans in general, African women and children in particular in the Netherlands and back home.

“Miss Africa Netherlands” is an initiative of young and dynamic Africans with an ambition to strive to make their names marked on the sands of time. We hereby wish to promote a more positive and balanced image of our continent.

Like any other society with its negative as well as positive aspects, Miss Africa Netherlands is determined to put together, all the positive images, positive people, and beautiful faces of African descent to create and possibly redress the impact of the negative African conceptions, ideologies as well as mentality so as to change the face of the continent.

Miss Africa Netherlands would be looking forward to harnessing multiculturalism as well as tolerance among Africans and also to uphold and promote respect for other cultures.




Miss Africa Netherlands’ mission is committed towards addressing health and education, the two leading social issues on the African continent. We reaffirm our commitment  in empowering the girl child, increase access to health and health education as well as increase access to education in general and the girl child in particular and to speak out for the voiceless in the community.

Miss Africa Netherlands would also provide a platform for young Africans to achieve personal growth and development, take pride in their heritage, and discover their inner beauty while pursuing a lifelong educational career and laying a strong foundation as leaders of tomorrow.

The Initiative is committed to empowering women, thereby strengthening families and transforming communities.

It is founded with the aim to developing and enhancing the whole African mind, body, and spirit as well as to project a positive image and advocate for the needy within the community and abroad.


Our objectives is to empower the girl child, increasing access to education, increase access to  healthcare, health education and fighting diseases, advocating for women and children’s rights, encourage women’s initiatives in the Netherlands as well as Africa: Miss Africa Netherlands celebrates strong and committed women with a purpose.


Our platforms will include but not limited:

To protect and project/promote the positive image of Africa.

To fight against breast ironing.

To fight against female genital mutilation.

Increasing Access to Education.

Increasing Access to Healthcare, Health Education and Fighting Diseases.

Advocating for Women and Children’s rights.

Supporting Women’s and youth Initiatives and projects.

Encourage Youth Ambassadorial initiatives and leadership.

Organize fundraising events and support projects for the benefit of the community.

Promote social, economic and cultural activities, costumes, jewelleries and performing arts and the richness of African heritage and culture for the advancement of Africans in the Netherlands and back in Africa.

To encourage self-sustainability.

To provide a unique opportunity to speak up for Africa, raising awareness on pertinent issues concerning the continent and how the Dutch people and friends of Africa can help make a difference in Africa.

To partner with other organisations, foundations, companies as well as individuals who share similar objectives, to create an impact in the continent.

Miss Africa Netherlands aims at Conceiving and Executing self-reliant Development Projects in Africa with the supreme objective, to improve the living standards of the masses.

To organize Capacity Building and Volunteering Schemes in Africa.

To encourage Academic and Professional excellence in Africa by offering Scholarships and Awards to outstanding students and executing Educational Projects Encourage the formation of entrepreneurial networks and collaborate with existing ones.

Organize training workshops, conferences and symposia on the entrepreneurial and other gainful activities and also, Participate in/or Organize forums and mentoring encounters (such as trade fairs, exhibitions, projects, performances, pageants etc.

To act/serve as a platform, bringing together Africans and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and groups operating and or working in Africa, to discuss and adopt common strategies and to act collectively in achieving a common goal.

To undertake and implement in such manner as it thinks fit, such other matters relating to any or all of the foregoing objectives as may from time to time be deemed expedient by its members.

To explore all opportunities available to achieve the aforementioned objectives. “As a means to achieve the aforementioned objectives, Miss Africa Netherlands would be organizing conferences, workshops, pageants, writing/essay competitions and other related events

Meet the team !

 National Director Miss Africa Netherlands

Social media , communication & all round coordinator

Workshop Coordinator & Styling

Catwalk coach

                  KERN THOMPSON