Anthonia Raymond                Rosemary Kargbo                            Adama Jobe                           Claudia Nzeba
         Nigeria                               Sierra leone                                    The Gambia                                 Congo


Art. 1 – Object

The present rules (hereinafter “Rules”) governs the Miss Africa Netherlands 2016 Pageant (hereinafter “The Pageant”).

The Pageant shall be held annually.


Art. 2 – Subject

All Contestants participating in the Pageant are presumed to have knowledge of and shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Pageant.


Art. 3 – Interpretation of the Rules

The Organization has the discretion to interpret and amend the provisions contained herein.

The Organization reserves the right to make changes at any time before the start of the Pageant.

Any such changes shall be communicated to the contestants.


Art. 4 – Rules Publication

The final Rules of Procedure are to be published on the Organization’s website at


Art. 5 – Aim of the Pageant

The pageant is organized as a means to empower, develop self-esteem and public-speaking abilities among young women of African descent. The pageant is also aimed at the election and crowning of the next “Miss Africa Netherlands Queen


Art. 6 – Participation

Contestants must be at least 17 years of age and not older than 25 years of age on October 15 2016

Contestants must be of African descent; either one or both parents must be from an African country.

Contestants must be legally residing in the Netherlands with at least a valid residence exceeding one (1) year from October 15 2016

Contestants must be a student or graduate, or working, or an entrepreneur.

Contestants must not be married and has no child.

Contestants must not have any visible tattoos or piercings

Contestants must have no criminal record.

Contestants must not necessarily have a modelling and or pageant experience and will not associate in any way with, promote, or become a contestant or participant in any other national competition or preliminary competition of a similar nature to the Miss Africa Netherlands while competing for Miss Africa Netherlands

Contestants must be able to express themselves in the English language

Contestants must choose at least one (1) objective/platform from the list of objectives of the Miss Africa Netherlands objectives which they will have as platform if crowned Miss Africa Netherlands Queen. But must not be that which was chosen the previous year.

Contestants must Sign a binding contract with the organization.

Contestants must be of good health, good moral character and naturally born female.

Contestants must have at least one (1) charity of choice from the country they represent of which they will become ambassadors for that charity if crowned Miss Africa Netherlands.

Contestants must bear in mind that, the judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into during the entire pageant period.

Contestants/finalists will be required to perform a limited number of engagements, public events and workshops.

Participants must agree to abide by all the rules and regulations governing the pageant.

A previous contestant may still be eligible to apply. However such applications would be treated on a case by case basis.

Each contestant must provide at least two (2) contacts in case of emergency; one of which is not a family member

Contestants must provide two (2) decent high resolution  (clear) pictures of themselves: 1x head-shot and 1x full body.                   Note:by submitting your pictures, you wave any rights that may be attributed to the pictures. As such, the pictures will be used by the organization in the activities towards the final.

  1. Such term as "Applicant" used in these rules and regulations are referring to the person applying for entrance into the Beauty Pageant. 
  2. Such term as "Winner" used in these rules and regulations are referring to the person who has applied for entrance, paid the entry fee, was accepted as a participant, and won the title.
  3.  Applicant must be a naturally born female in order to compete in the Beauty Pageant. 
  4. Applicant must reside within the Netherlands in order to compete in the Beauty Pageant
  5. - Applicant understands that she must compete in the correct division for her age group: (17-25 unmarried, divorced, widowed, never been married, nor given birth to a child).
  6. Applicant understands that she must compete in the three main areas of competition in order to be selected as a Beauty Pageant winner; which includes the Interview, Platform, talent, evening wear, national costume competitions.
  7. Applicant understands that she must submit the required materials and information for the appropriate competitions (which includes the Interview Questions, Platform essay, and Photogenic head-shot photo) along with her entry application and entry fee.
  8. Applicant understands that she must uphold a pleasant, professional, and friendly demeanor at all times while representing Miss Africa Netherlands.
  9. Applicant understands that the judges' decisions and scoring are final and will not be changed. The names of the Beauty Pageant judges will NOT be released.
  10. If the Applicant becomes a pageant title winner, she understands that she will receive the following titles, or national prizes and awards for the title she wins for the year: rhinestone crown, satin embroidered sash, award and sponsor prizes.
  11. Winner understands that a crown and banner photo must be turned in after they have received their prizes.
  12. Winner grants permission to Miss Africa Netherlands. to use her speeches, photos, and videos in pageant related media for advertising and promotional purposes and understands that such pageant materials will become the property of the Beauty Pageant and Glitter Productions and will not be returned.
  13.  Applicant understands that the Miss Africa Netherlands, reserves the right to add, change, or delete any rules and regulations at any time with out giving notice.
  14.  Applicant is required to strictly adhere to the Miss Africa Netherlands rules and regulations; and if any of these rules are broken by the applicant, applicant understands that participation disqualification and title revocation will be the resulting resolution to the matter.